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Learn how to transform your real estate and mortgage business with Niche Marketing. Motivated referrals move faster: That means Less Hassle; Faster Closings; More Deals in Your Pipeline; and More Commissions! Order your Box today!

Niche Marketing

What is Niche Marketing and how can you use it to build a sustainable pipeline and increased closed transactions.

Corporate Benefits Referral Program

For every business with 100 employees, there are 13 Mortgage and 9 Real estate Transactions annually. Why are you letting your competition get the B2B referrals?

Video Modules, Worksheets & Power Points

Niche Marketing in a Box comes complete with detailed niche training programs including worksheets for business planning; training modules and AMAZING Power Point Presentations for marketing purposes. Get started today!

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Special Bonus Access!

Access to Divorce Lending Specialist Development Program from the Divorce Lending Institute. Includes study guide and access to  video training modules. Valued at $275!

Divorce Real Estate & Mortgage Market

The Divorce Market is much bigger than simply marketing to divorce attorneys! Divorce referrals can add tremendous value to your current business plan.

Working with Estate & Probate Attorneys

The Probate Industry is a $6 TRILLION business! Working with Estate & Probate Attorneys can significantly increase your closed transactions!

The Lender Ate My Condo

Mastering the Condo Market involves much more than understanding condo warranty guidelines. Learn how to wow attorneys, real estate professionals and buyers with a complete understanding of what drives the condo market.

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Jody Bruns

"Niche marketing is not about domination. It is about positioning yourself within your market."

Jody Bruns has coached and trained hundreds of real estate and mortgage professionals to develop a niche marketing platform that completely changed their businesses.

Niche marketing can solve three of the biggest problems in your real estate or mortgage business – from a shortage of inventory to sporadic and cyclical referrals from your traditional referral sources to a steady and predictable pipeline.


Smart professionals know the “Riches are in the Niches!” Let Jody help you identify and build a niche you are passionate about. Niche marketing can be a total game changer!

Take control over your referrals and build the business you dream of!

Jody is best known for taking her niche working in the Divorce Market and becoming the President/Founder of the Divorce Lending Institute creating the nationally recognized Certified Divorce Lending Professional (CDLP) and Certified Divorce Real Estate Professional (CDREP) certification programs. Also known for authoring her best seller, “A House Divided: The Clash between Divorce, Real Estate and Mortgage Financing.”

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What other professionals have to say

Niche Marketing in a Box has helped both real estate and mortgage professionals throughout the United States. Here is some of the feedback we have received from your collegues!

Jody is the resident expert in niche marketing! Many of us think we understand what niche marketing is but I guarantee your eyes will be wide open after hearing Jody's take. My team has begun to develop strong niches within our mortgage market giving them a new focus and measurable results. The Divorce Market is amazing!
E. Dell
National Sales Manager
I had no idea that you could effectively take two separate niches and blend them into one larger niche! Jody's idea of niche blending is amazing and extremely smart! I have been developing my two niches for almost 6 months now using Jody's information and can definitely attribute additional closings to having purchased Jody's program.
Jessica Lopez
Real Estate Professional
Truly, Truly Amazing Information! I wanted to start marketing to businesses directly and just assumed I could use traditional marketing ideas. After reading Jody's Corporate Benefits Referral Program, I would have felt (and looked) like an idiot! Very happy that I invested in Niche Marketing in a Box! Highly Recommend!!!
Melinda Griffey
Mortgage Banker
Very happy with the content of Niche Marketing in a Box! A strong understanding of Niche Marketing is truly needed before identifying and developing your niche. Secondly, you truly do need very strong foundational knowledge before working your new niche. Jody's information is not 'generic' - each topic and niche is very detailed out with tons of required knowledge about each specific niche. I have high expectations and Jody exceeded my expectations! Looking to start or grow your business in real estate or mortgages? I highly recommend this product!
Jerry Carlson
Real Estate Broker

Start today, it is easier than you think!

Everything starts with a first step. Niche Marketing in a Box will help you with making this step, into a new direction!


Manage your time

When your business is more focused on a specific target, time management is much more achievable.

Enjoy your life

Life balance is a common goal. Niche marketing allows you more control over your business which results in more life balance.

Get new clients

When your marketing is focused on a specific group of people who need the services you provide, obtaining new clients is easier and less costly.

Expand your business

Niche marketing is not about domination. It is about positioning yourself within your market and effectively growing your overall business and results.

Transform your business today!

Immediate Access for only $149 today and begin to transform your business today!

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